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By Adam Brugman
Photo: Christopher Orsatti

New Hookah Lounge In Downtown San Diego, Pasha Lounge

Interior designer, Davis Kruminsand his wife and partner, Andrea Krumins, are the design duo behind award-winning Davis Ink. The second you walk through the doors of an establishment, you will right away recognize if it’s one of their projects or not. Davis Ink has designed some of the hottest nightclubs in Southern California, including Stingaree, Side Bar and FLUXX in San Diego, and The Kress in Hollywood.

Davis Ink handles the entire process of a new project, from the Architectural Design, Conceptual Design, Renderings, Interior Design, and the Space Planning. The Krumins work hand in hand with their clients to fulfill their ultimate goal of turning creative vision into physical reality.

When did you decide you wanted to be an interior designer?

I was always interested in art, architecture, and loved to design furniture. Coming home from an extremely late night out, it hit me, Interior Design was a combination of all the things I loved, at that point it was clear.

How’d you get started and what was your first project?

I was working for a company and was approached to do a side job, it ended up being the hottest club in San Diego- and then my wife convinced me that we had to start our own business. The project was Side Bar; it was the first ultra-modern lounge in San Diego.

How has your design changed over the years?

We’ve introduced a lot more organic components into our design. Lots of rough wood, green inspired features, and appreciation for the arts and crafts.

What are your favorite types or styles of design and spaces to work with?

Our favorite spaces to work in would be the most run down and beat up- this allows us to get even more creative with the space. Our favorite type of design would be combining unexpected elements together, such as organic modern and traditional, always with a “what the ****” Davis Ink twist.

What is your average workday like?

Crazy! Getting kids to school, taking out garbage, cleaning cat box and working in the office till early morning hours.

What duties does Davis handle, and what duties does Andrea handle?

Davis handles design related items, and Andrea holds everything together. She is the responsible, positive, and always inspirational mascot of the company. Duties consisting of all purchasing, ordering, billing, and quality control.

How much of your design is a client’s wants and how much is your input?

We never force our ideas upon clients; we take their ideas and dreams and turn them into reality (with our own twist of course!). We expand on their visions and take them to new unexpected levels.

How closely do you work with clients throughout all stages of design?

We work very close all hours of the night- and usually become close friends.
Favorite project to date: We are not trying to be political; however, each project we work on seems to be our favorite at that time. We have great jobs and great clients.

Do you have a least favorite project that you have done in the past?

We have met some crazy people and some extremely unique individuals- but like the beat up buildings we like, we are at our best in challenging situations.

What was your most challenging project to date?

The project we are starting right now needs to be completed in several months- on a limited budget (we can’t tell you the name), but you will soon read about it.

How many clients do you usually work with at a given time?

We prefer to work with three to four clients at any given time. This way we can give all our attention and love to make sure each project is the best it can be.

What would be your recommendation for “what to do first” in a project?

Ask a lot of questions, get familiar with the space, do lots of late night research- and figure out what can be accomplished within the budget and program requirements of the client.

In a lot of your projects, the lighting is really strong. How important is lighting when you’re designing a space?

Lighting is probably the most important aspect in any space. Lighting can control the moods, emotions, and the overall vibe of an environment.

What do you take into consideration for picking out color schemes?

We keep the colors pretty neutral, and create the “WOW” factor with lighting, millwork fixtures, and the creative use of materials.

Have you had any awkward design moments you care to share?

When we were commissioned a fetish club- we had to do research that challenged the security features on our computers. Some things we learned were extremely interesting- others were disturbing.

Which of today’s interior design trends are here to stay and which ones will we see fade away?

Design is always transitional and nothing is here to stay forever. We are continually inventing and moving forward. In our opinion- this is a wonderful thing.

Where do you think interior design will go in the future?

As we become more aware of our environment and our relationship with the earth- we hope this will be reflective in design, both aesthetically and functionally.

Do you just design restaurants and nightclubs or do you design houses as well?

We have designed several houses and several hotels- we don’t do restaurant chains or planned housing. We think of design as art- if a project is challenging and if the client is open-minded, we will take the project.

It seems like majority of your work is in San Diego, Hollywood and Los Angeles, where else is on your resume?

Not only have we done lots of work in San Diego and Hollywood, we are also doing several international projects including venues in Moscow and Qatar. We have done Fusion Lounge in Anaheim as well as conceptual work for Atrium Hotel in Irvine.

Anything else you want to add? Current project(s)?

We consider ourselves very lucky to spend our lives doing what we love the most. We will have many adventures to share in the near future.

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